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Saw this comment while browsing facebook. Hope you guys take a min of your time to read this. What she says is pretty amazing :) 

A lot of people have asked me, “How do you really know that God is real or why do you believe in God?” Well, because the bible says God is love, (1st John 4:8) and I know for a fact that love is real. And Love is a beautiful thing to believe in. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, and always perseveres. (1st Corinthians 13:7) God is love, it really doesn’t get any better than that. Also, if you want to know what God did for you go look up John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. If this guy is really concerned about good role models, then there is no better role model then Jesus. He was the perfect sacrifice, lived 33 years without sinning. Went around loving everyone. Healed the sick, ate with the sinners, the people that everyone else judged, he loved. When people spit on him or hit him he turned the other cheek. He never lied or stole. He never hurt anybody. He didn’t come to this world to be served but to serve others. He walked in love and humility. He lived a life OF LOVE and died on the cross because He loves YOU. I don’t know who this guy is, or really what his true purpose is. But I’m glad he’s getting a lot of attention because I hope a lot of people see my posts and accept the true role model in their hearts and lives, Jesus. The bible says that you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. Choose Love, Choose Freedom, Choose Jesus. (: God Bless -Christine 

Breaking Point

I’ve come to realize that every struggle and failure that i have gone through in life was a blessing in disguise. It was something that gave me the push to keep moving forward. Be better than i was yesterday. To try harder. The URGE TO SUCEED. I’ve been getting surprisingly excellent blessings right now in school. All because i worked hard to be where i am now. I pushed myself so hard this past year. The only thing is thts been on my mind lately is, how far can i go until i fail? How far can i succeed until i fall off the cliff? Yes i know the failures in my life is what helped me succeed, but im scared. Im scared not only to disappoint the people around me, but im scared of disappointing myself. I cant let myself feel failure because ive felt it before. I know how painful it can be, and the thing is idk if i can let myself feel it again. Im scared. im scared to fail. Im scared that this success path im on, will ultimately stop and i have to start all over again. After all this time working hard, pushing past my limitations…it just feels like if i fail….i will fall harder than i did before. I will struggle harder than i ever did, and idk if i can handle or even have the strength to get back up. My self esteem and my self confidence will just die along with my disappointments in myself….i havnt had a random rant in awhile. feels good to get all of this out of my chest…even if no one even reads this but me. I wonder how far i can go, until i reach my breaking point?

Just one of those #artistic days. #nofilter #alldolledup #instafriends #instagram #instaphoto #instadaily #cute #drawing #talent  (Taken with Instagram)

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Just one of those #artistic days. #nofilter #alldolledup #instafriends #instagram #instaphoto #instadaily #cute #drawing #talent (Taken with Instagram)

Some late night reading. #college #medical #surgical #nursing #instadaily  (Taken with Instagram)

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Some late night reading. #college #medical #surgical #nursing #instadaily (Taken with Instagram)

The beauties and the beast LOL @trixypalms #nofilter #instafriends #smile #yolo  (Taken with Instagram)

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The beauties and the beast LOL @trixypalms #nofilter #instafriends #smile #yolo (Taken with Instagram)

Red lips #instaphoto #nofilter #glasses #instafriends  (Taken with Instagram)

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Red lips #instaphoto #nofilter #glasses #instafriends (Taken with Instagram)

Homemade #tacos LET’S EAT #foodtrip #foodporn #instagram #instaphoto #instadaily #instafood #nofilter  (Taken with Instagram)

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Homemade #tacos LET’S EAT #foodtrip #foodporn #instagram #instaphoto #instadaily #instafood #nofilter (Taken with Instagram)

50 years later LOL @trixypalms #agebooth (Taken with Instagram)

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50 years later LOL @trixypalms #agebooth (Taken with Instagram)

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Tips on #life #instadaily #instagram #instamood #instafact #yolo  (Taken with Instagram)

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Tips on #life #instadaily #instagram #instamood #instafact #yolo (Taken with Instagram)

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So on May 28, 2012 i had my last affiliation for my nursing course at a mental institution. At first i felt no anxiety or fear about the affiliation. To me, it was just another clinical experience just like at a hospital. The first week went by real fast. When i went home for the weekend, i felt wierd. I felt not myself. I started thinking about the residents in the institution. Their stories of the reasons of them being there kept playing in my mind over and over again. The scariest part was that their face expression kept popping in my mind. I remember some residents having a blunted affect and staring nowhere at all. they spoke as if they were in another world. Others spoke in a hyperactive speech with delusional thoughts. Others spoke about their struggles in life with a smile. That first night i came home for the weekend i couldnt sleep at all. Imagine every time i closed my eyes i saw their faces. I heard their stories…All about how their auditory hallucinations just came outa of nowhere and made them commit the crimes they did. It was hard to even tell who was telling the truth about their life. Some parts of their stories were out of this world. They would have lucid moments, then all of a sudden lose themselves in their own delusional world. After staying up that whole night, fearing that i myself would have auditory hallucinations, i still couldnt stop thinking about the residents throughout the whole weekend. I started fearing about having auditory hallucninations. I feared that i would all of a sudden lose myself in my mind. I feared my mind would overpower me. I was so paranoid. I dreaded the day monday would come, because that was the day i had to go back to the institution for my last week of clinicals. Monday came, and i was drowned in anxiety. I can admit i cried that monday morning. I didn’t want to finish my clinicals. I didnt want to go back and talk to the residents. I didnt want to see their frightening faces and hear their tragic stories. I didnt want to do anything with the institution anymore. BUT i couldnt quit i jst couldnt. I prayed to God to give me strength to overcome my anxiety. to cope in a healthy way and keep my mind grounded to reality. Todays June 7, 2012…i cant say how proud i am of myself. I survived the last week of my clinicals not giving into the complicated shit going through my mind. I remember a quote that i read before….The closest solution to any problem is the distant between your knees to the floor. Ive learn that anything can be solved through a prayer. God helped me get through my anxiety. He gave me strength to overcome my mind and keep my mentality grounded to reality. I just wanted to show my greatest gratitude to GOD. and thank him for being with my every step of my affiliation. I have learned so much of myself during my experience of my clinicals. I learned my weaknesses and my strengths. I learned to appreciate my life more than i ever did before. I am so thankful for this fortunate life i have. Im thankful for the experiences and struggles ive been through. Im thankful to GOD always and forever. 

Until next time for my random rant. Thanks for reading :)  

What now?

It’s been a real long time since i posted anything about my feelings here. I just thought since none of my followers or friends on twitter or fb follows me here, i can let out all my feelings here. no regrets of anything i will say. In truth, im hurting. Im hurting so bad, coz of a guy. WOW isnt tht more cliche than anything. Its my first time ever falling for a guy. i mean i take care of my heart really well. Ive built a wall tht no one can ever climb over or break through. But for some stupid reason i let tht wall down for a guy that, for the first time truly love. I let everything go to tell him how much i love him. He tells me he loves me, but is love enough to get through the struggles it comes with. He doesnt show me at all tht he loves me. Its like he’s all comfrotable and settled in with me. Knowing tht he gots me already, so he stopped working to get me…Well today i cussed him out after finding out “something” do i regret it?? NOO, coz for the first time i fought for myself and my own self worth. I’m moving on now, its hard coz he was the only guy tht i truly loved. I opened myself like an opened book for him. I trusted him with shit i would never let any guy kno. its a disappointment. IDK, im so frustrated with him and LOVE and everything. I promise from now on, i will never open myself for any guy anymore. Im chaining up my heart for good. im done…SORRY guys for the random rant. I jst had to let everything out. 

#truth do something out of the ordinary. be someone people will remember and not someone people will just pass by. 

#truth do something out of the ordinary. be someone people will remember and not someone people will just pass by. 

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